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BookingBooking (and how to do it)


There are two booking forms available. One for a regular block booking, and the second for ‘one-offs’ - children’s parties or other functions for example.

Determine which type of booking you require, copy the necessary form,
complete it and return to,




In addition you will need to confirm by email that you have read the
rules and regulations applicable to the hire and agree to abide by them.

If the hire is outwith caretaker hours i.e. 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Monday to Friday,
you will require a key for the main door.

One-off functions, such as children’s parties etceteras will require
a cheque for £50.00 as a returnable deposit.

Regular users will be invoiced monthly in arrears by the treasurer.
One-offs will be required to pay in advance.

If you have any queries regarding the above address them to,

For any queries regarding invoices or methods of payment address them to,

If you are already a regular user, thanks for your help and cooperation.

If you are thinking of using the hall short or long term
then welcome, and we hope you enjoy the facilities.



Millbridge Hall, Old Causeway, Kinross, KY13 8DW
Email: |

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