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ConstitutionHistory of Millbridge Hall

In the early eighties, the leaders of the Scouts, Guides and the then Youth Group, plus other prominent citizens of Kinross, including:

John D Davies, David L Sands, both of whom served on the first Board of Directors, came together to raise money for a suitable building for the groups.

Funding was raised from various sources:

Thompson Trust, £30,000; Todd and Duncan; £30,000; donations and fund raising; nearly £2000 and part grants of £7,500. Building warrants were issued in 1986; the first in
1986 and and the second in July. The Completion certificate was dated April 1987.

Day to day running of the Millbridge is handled by The Millbridge Hall Management Committee which reports annually to the The Arthur Thompson and Margaret Todd Charitable Company Limited.
The Trust is represented by a Board of Directors for the Halls.
The present Directors as of 2014 are:

Mary Morgan, Chairperson
Campbell Watson, Company Secretary
David Eastop
(Link to Management Committee)
Fiona Eastop
Peter Flounders
(Link to Management Committee)
David Little
Frank Livingston
Rev Alan Reid

The Annual general meeting is usually held in January or February.
All are welcome to attend.



Millbridge Hall, Old Causeway, Kinross, KY13 8DW
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