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Rules and Regulations


1 All applications for bookings must be received in writing at least seven days before the date of use. Provisional bookings will be recorded in the Diary, however these must be followed by written confirmation or they will be regarded as invalid.

At the time of booking David Eastop (Booking Secretary) should be informed of any arrangements required by the leasing organisation.

An adult who accepts responsibility for the let and will be in attendance on the date of use should sign the Booking Form.

2 Payment for private parties and Disco’s (and certain other functions as determined by the Committee) is required in advance at the time of booking. A £50.00 refundable deposit is also requested. If no damage is incurred to the premises this will be returned. If the repair/replacement of items etc. exceeds this sum liability will fall to the hall user to meet this further payment.

Organisers of Discotheques and similar functions will be conversant with the special rules governing such functions and will ensure that the rules are strictly adhered to.

Lessees shall be bound to complete a Return to the Performing Rights Society if music is performed in any part of the premises as part of a function.

3 The charge for the use of the halls will be shown on the booking confirmation.

The Treasurer will invoice all regular hall users on a monthly basis and no payments will be accepted in advance without prior approval. If payment is not received within two months of the invoice date the discount allowance will be waived and payment in full will be demanded.

4 The premises will only be let to responsible adults.

5 All meetings and functions should be adequately and effectively supervised.

6 Lessees will be held responsible for any damage to the fabric of the building, its furnishings and equipment, as a consequence of their use of the premises.

Any damage that might occur should be reported as soon as it is practically convenient to the Caretaker (Janet Elliot) or to the Booking Secretary (

7 No alcohol is to be allowed on the premises.

No person intoxicated or under the influence of drugs is to be admitted to the premises.

8 SMOKING anywhere in the Halls is prohibited.

9 Furnishings and equipment must be restored to their original position on completion of the let.

10 Organisations should arrange their own insurance cover for any equipment stored in the Hall.

11 Furnishings or equipment will not be loaned or hired out from the premises without the approval of the Committee.

12 Organisations using the Kitchen should ensure that the foodstuffs are stored in vermin proof containers; all utensils should be properly washed in hot water and stored away tidily for use by succeeding lessees.

13 All halls must be left swept clean and tidy.

14 No stiletto-heeled shoes should be worn in the premises.

15 No food or drink should be consumed in the large hall without prior permission.

16 Under the terms of acceptance of a booking, access should be strictly limited to those facilities booked plus the toilet facilities unless other arrangements are agreed and authorised prior to taking up any booking.

17 For the purpose of security the main door should be kept locked at all times. On leaving the premises, unless in use by other lessees, the lessee should ensure that the premises are vacated and left in a safe and secure condition. All windows closed and secure, no running water, power sockets off, ventilator controls off and the lights switched off.

18 The Millbridge Hall Management Committee and Trustees will not accept liability for any accident to persons or loss of property by any person or organisation during or in connection with any meeting or function. Individual groups must arrange their own Public Liability Insurance.

19 The Millbridge Hall Management Committee reserve the right to make changes in these Regulations and Conditions as they deem necessary in the interests of the public and the condition of the property. The Millbridge Hall Management Committee will also make such additional Rules as they deem necessary, applicable to each Hall’s particular requirements.


………………………………………. Signature of Hall User (responsible adult)
who having read the above Regulations
agrees to adhere to same.

……………………………………….. Organisation Booking Hall/Event

………………………………………... Date



Millbridge Hall, Old Causeway, Kinross, KY13 8DW
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